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2nd Offender Busted in Piney
Jeramie McGuire is the half-brother of High Risk Offender Hooper
by Jennifer Binning

According to a Sublette County Sheriff's report issued June 26th, Sheriff's deputies arrested Jeramie J. McGuire, 22, for failure to register as a sex offender.

Recently, the SCSO was notified that Mr. McGuire was in the county and upon investigation discovered that he was wanted in Oregon for leaving the state while on parole, and had failed to register as a sex offender in Sublette County within the 40 days required by state statute.

Mr. McGuire was convicted of Rape 3 in Baker County, Oregon and he left the state without the knowledge of his parole officer in October of 1999. Rape 3 involves having forced sex with an under-aged victim.

Upon confirming Mr. McGuire had in fact left Oregon, his Baker County parole officer, James King, began proceedings to bring him back to the state to face a parole board hearing. However, Oregon state law prevented Mr. King from doing anything about Mr. McGuire's violation of parole.

"We have a special sex offender network in Oregon, and I have a certain expertise in sex offense cases," said Mr. King in an interview on Tuesday. "This man is dangerous. He is incompliant with his parole and he has refused any treatment. He is completely unrepentant and denies that he did anything wrong." Mr. King added that Mr. McGuire has placed the blame directly on his victim by saying, "it is all her fault because of the way she is built." Mr. King replied disgustedly, "No means no. If she said no, she meant it," adding "Mr. McGuire hates me because I was forcing him to comply with the terms of parole, and he does not like that."

Concerned that Wyoming had no idea that Mr. McGuire was in the state, Mr. King took it upon himself to notify the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation that McGuire was on his way to Sublette County.

Mr. King alleged that Mr. McGuire was well informed that he had to remain in Oregon, and if he left he had to posses travel papers. Should he choose to relocate he would have to register with the state where he moved.

Mr. McGuire was living in Daniels Trailer Court until the managers served him with a restraining order baring him from the property. He now is living at Harper's Park & RV in Marbleton and is required to check in with the SCSO every day, a condition that he has so far honored. The owners of Harper's say they are well aware of the situation, and are in close contact with the Sheriff's Office.

Mr. McGuire is the half-brother of Jason Lee Hooper, 19, who was also convicted of failure to register as a sex offender and was later classified as a high risk to reoffend. Mr. Hooper has returned to Oregon and according to Mr. King, has checked in with his parole officer there.

As for Mr. King, he says simply "I would love to get McGuire back. I will ruin his day." He then apologized to the people of Sublette County that he was unable to do more to return Mr. McGuire to Oregon.

Jeramie McGuire is scheduled for trial in Judge Crow's court on the charge of failure to register as a sex offender on July 6th at 9:30 a.m.

County Attorney Dale Aronson has requested a hearing in the District Court in order to classify Mr. McGuire's risk to the community. The hearing date has yet to be set. A request from DCI for a photo of Mr. McGuire was denied.

Sublette County currently has six sex offenders registered with the Sheriff's office, only one of which, Jason Lee Hooper, has been adjudicated to assess the risk to the community.

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