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Business Up For Local Snowmobile Dealers
New models and robust economy driving sales.
by Rob Shaul

"Best ever!," says Gary Neely of the year he's having selling new Polaris snowmobiles at Bucky's Outdoors in Pinedale. Mr. Neely isn't alone. The other snowmobile dealers in Sublette County all report robust sales thus far in 1999.

Mr. Neely says the new models of Polaris snowmobiles are responsible for this increase is sales this year. Polaris' 2000s have great improvements he says, including decreased weights and much better handling. Bucky's will sell upwards of 120 new sleds this year, a 10% increase of last year. At approximately $5,500 per new sled, that's a new snowmobile sales volume of around $660,000.

Approximately 30% of Bucky's new sled sales go to locals, another 30percent to Sweetwater County residents, and the remaining to snowmobilers from the rest of Wyoming and the county.

Mr. Neely reports that 1999 has also been his best year in new ATV sales, which were up 25percent over last year. Unlike snowmobile sales, Bucky's ATV business is almost all local. Mr. Neely says he sells a lot of new ATVs to local ranchers, but the biggest increase in his sales has come from recreational users, especially hunters. This year, his number one selling ATV is green _ for hunting _ and he's sold quite a few ATV rifle scabbards.

Sales of Yamaha snowmobiles are also up says Fred Boyce of B&B Yamaha in Pinedale. Mr. Boyce reports that Yamaha has also come out with a new sled this year, and the new model is driving sales. He's sold all but two of the new models, and says the company is out of them. Fred expects sales to be up again next year, especially if the new model proves itself off trail this winter.

A new sled is also driving record sales of Skidoo snowmobiles at Performance Tech in Pinedale, says owner Brent Cheeney. Skidoo's new sled handles better, is better balanced, and just has a better ride, says Brent, who's sold 98 new sleds so far.

The local snowmobile culture wants the latest and greatest the manufacturers can build, he adds. "Around here, everybody's so competitive, "they want to stay ahead of their buddies." Of the 98 new sleds he's sold so far, Brent reports that 51 of them are Skidoo's new "extreme" mountain sled.

Performance Tech also splits its new sled sales between local riders and Sweetwater County residents. Brent believes the robust sales point to a strong local economy, which he says is also demonstrated by the new vehicles driving around Sublette County.

Sales of new Arctic Cat snowmobiles aren't as robust as he'd like, says Ken Smith of K&N Power Sports in Boulder. Unlike Polaris, Yamaha, and Skidoo, Arctic Cat didn't come out with a new model sled for the beginning of the season. Mr. Smith says his sales jump when the manufacturer comes out with a new sled. "The new product builds excitement," says Ken, "and that's what does it." Mr. Smith says K&N's sales this year are on par with what his shop has sold the past couple of years. Overall, he thinks he will have a good year, especially if there's early snow.

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