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Seek the Divine

by Mary Thompson

I believe that life itself is good and mysterious and should be celebrated as a great gift to all creatures on earth. I believe that a life is good that is touched by the love of family, especially a family that draws on the stories and traditions of past generations and passes this heritage forward, adding to it their own chapters.

I believe that friends are a gift, that they are the inventory of a good life. Friends from childhood, friends made in new places, friends found unexpectedly at unplanned times. Friendships make life good.

For a good life, find a part of nature that speaks to you in a special way and get to know it intimately. Look to nature to nourish your soul and spirit for a lifetime.

A life will be good and worthy that chooses to serve other people, even if only in some small way. There is satisfaction and growth in doing good work, and one's life will be richer because of a charitable heart.

Seek the divine. Invite God into your heart and life for a close, personal relationship. Talk to God everyday. Remember that Jesus loves us all, deeply and equally. Practice forgiveness. You will find good life here.

Then there is the concept I have called the "condiment tray of life." It is the little flavorings and enhancements that make a good life great. It is things like love, the softness and smell of your infant's head, laughing so hard your stomach hurts. Childhood memories are condiments. So are family photos and the baby books we keep for our children. Lovingly prepared food and the refrigerator art at our house are sidebars of a good life. So is skiing fast with my family. It is music and art and good health. What is good is the glorious sunrise I just witnessed at 6:30 a.m., temperature zero; and Spell Check. This is definitely a good life.

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