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Sublette County Ranks 6th in Household Income

by Rob Shaul

Sublette County ranks sixth in the state in median household income according to a recent report from the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information.

According to the same report, Sublette County ranks 10th in the state in per capita income.

The income figures are derived using wage information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and income tax statements says the Department's senior economist Dave Black.

Sublette County's median household income is above the statewide and U.S. averages. However, our per capita income is below the national and statewide per capita income averages.

Sublette County's 1998 per capita income was $21,940 according to the report. This figure is derived by totalling the total income earned in the county that year, and dividing it by the total number of residents. The national average for 1998 was $27,203. The 1998 statewide average was $24,312.

The report also estimated the total number of people living in poverty in each county in 1997. The poverty threshold was a total household income of $16,400.

Based on this threshold, Sublette County had 497 people living in poverty in 1997, and 157 of these were children younger than 18.

Based on percentages, Teton County had the fewest number of people living in poverty in 1997, while Fremont County had the most. In 1997, 6,766 people in Fremont County were living in poverty. This was 18.7% of the total population. <

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