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Letters This Week

On Doctors...

Ain't it amazing

The hottest topic in town, the dismissal of Dr. Glas, and neither of our local NEWS papers could find space for opinion letters, regarding this time sensitive issue...!!!! It's urgent folks, and times a wasting.......

There are petitions to reinstate Dr. Glas in many locations around town.....Call or write a RHCD committee member requesting a special meeting to be called so petitions can be presented...

The RHCD Committee is elected by you. They will never know if they are fulfilling your wishes, unless you make it known to them....

Phone calls and letters link us to the RHCD Board, that we have put in charge of making decisions in our best interest.

For those who disagree with the RHCD Committees' decision to cancel Dr. Glas' contract and desire a special meeting be called to present reinstatement petitions; there will be a letter/postcard writing session held at the new library Friday, October, 27th 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. that evening.

Materials and postage provided.

J. Morgan

And Medics

The Journal recieved a copy of this letter which was originally sent to the Rural Health Care District.

On September 5th at 5:30 a.m. I called Chris Roork for help with the serious and G I bleed. she arranged for ambulance; one EMT responded. The call went to Big Piney and they came to our home. They are not trained to administer IVs or drugs so Cori Laster who is trained started an IV and accompanied us to St. John's Hospital. We left at approximately 7:15 - a long time for a patient with internal bleeding.

I can't recommend strongly enough that the EMT's be paid . At least two full-time people could work 10 to 12 hour shifts during the day, with one on duty for three to four days and alternating with the other, preferably to full-time EMT's. Other EMT's could then "volunteer" during nighttime hours. They should be considered a "volunteers" only in the sense that they're willing to answer the call and allow major disruptions in their lives. This may repair and prevent future burnout.

EMT's should be paid, including those in Big Piney, by the hour, from the beginning of the run until the ambulance is cleaned, sterilized and prepped for the next emergency. Basic EMT's should be paid a minimum of $8 per hour and those who are at higher levels of training and experience should be paid accordingly. They spend hundreds of hours in training and continuing education. Gary Wilson, who is largely responsible for the superb quality of the service in Pinedale, would be the logical choice for a director/full-time EMT.

Fair does not mean "equal." When or if the service and Big Piney reaches the same level as that of Pinedale then "equal" funds can apply. In the meantime equal hourly pay, without the mileage, for all EMT's given their level of training and experience should work.

My husband is taken by ambulance to St. John's on the 13th. This is our third trip this year. The EMT's in Pinedale are professional, efficient and caring. It's a service that needs to continue. Pay them accordingly, make it possible for them to respond with minimal disruption to their jobs and lives, and send them all positive messages of gratitude and support.

Barbara and Marlenn Wise

Horn Hunters Unite!

I am writing you this letter about the Wyoming Game and Fish trying their best at making it so that no one can pick up antlers of any sort whether it be from a moose, deer, or from an elk from the BLM land. This land is for the people of the United States, this includes the residents of Wyoming. What gives them the right to tell us how to run our land? Isn't this a free country or not? Don't we have a say in what goes on anymore? I have written to Barbara Cubin about this matter several times, hoping that she will stand up for the people of Wyoming that voted her in to represent us.

I have been reading in the paper on several different cases where people are getting fined for different reasons dealing with Wyoming's big game. One man found guilty and fined $230.00 for taking a moose without a license, and others were fined $110.00 for failing to tag their trophy big game. Another man has forfeited $410.00 for taking over the limit big game. But yet they want to fine us $400.00 for picking up any amount of antlers and they also want to take our hunting rights away. How can they do that? This is just a hobby, we aren't doing anything wrong, when a painter paints, are you going to try to tell them that he can't paint anymore? When the Game and Fish have their next meeting about the whole antler ordeal everyone should stand up for our rights. If no one goes to the meeting and stands up for the hobby of picking up the antlers off of the BLM Land the Game and Fish will just continue to walk all over us. The antlers are not just for them to sell or keep as they please. Picking antlers up off the ground causes no harm to the animals.

Tyler Wilson

Greetings Pinedale!

As the Pinedale Fine Arts Council's millennium residency draws to a close, I want to describe some of the work that has brought the two newest sculptures near completion.

You may have noticed the pedestal in the County Park on Pine Street. Soon we will be installing our homage to Pinedale's local history there. The working title for the sculpture is "Hat Full of History." The design for this project came out of a series of six public meetings held last spring. (Those were exciting days when this community was engaged in a lively debate about the nature of public art.) After getting the design finalized through these meetings and with a go ahead from the County Commissioners to site the work in the park, Construction began in July.

The project faced many difficult technical challenges form the beginning. Thanks to contributions from local talents like David Smith, James Bond and Alan Svalberg, we were able to build a turbo-charged forge and bend steel bars into a profile line drawing. With the help of Joe Sondgeroth, we fine-tuned our homemade foundry and cast over 500 pounds of aluminum, all locally donated. The following individuals created the carvings that are that are those wonderful cast aluminum sculptures "inside" the cowboy : Kristen Boroff, Charlotte Kaiser, David Klaren, Gary Lankford, Diane Maclean, and Scott Murdock and myself. Tom Colerick kept a watchful eye over the construction and provided much needed advice and coffee. Craig Crandall has generously provided space and equipment throughout the project. Justin Jones out at Dew's Lumber helped find materials and services. Thanks to both the city and county shops for providing hydraulic muscle. We have forged and welded steel, galvanized, powder coated, cast concrete and aluminum, cut and assembled parts to make this sculpture.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity and commitment of Dire Wolf Studios and David Klaren. David has shared his equipment and space Ćand been there for tall the heavy lifting, the concrete work and whenever I needed a hand.

In September we started working on the final phase of the residency. This third sculpture is a ceramic tile mosaic which will be installed at the South entrance of the City Park. The mosaic will be placed on a wall being built by Jack Heggert. The tiles that will make up the mosaic are being made by local artists who have been meeting with me three times a week at the Sublette Hi-Country Center. These workshops have been very lively and exciting. Clay has been a very responsive medium for the contributors. For me, these meetings have been very rewarding to see the participants' enthusiasm about making something for the community. It has also been great to hear their stories and jokes. So far, the people who have made tiles are; Lisa Adler, Ester Bollinger, Tom Colrock, Donna Dixon, Lois Jensen, Lois Koch, Jeanette Moore, Stella McKinstry, Madge McWilliams, Lynn Oxner, Leona Roberts, Jackie Sea, Kim Shaul, Caroline Sulenta, and Ethelyne Worl. We've also had assistance from Pam Peck and Julie Early and all the staff at the Hi-Country Center.

All of the projects have been made possible with the unflagging support of the many fine people who make up Pinedale Fine Arts Council. With all of the projects the effort involved in the making is essential to understanding the art. In the spirit of the up-coming election, let me just say, these projects have been "by the people, of the people and for the people." I look forward to hearing you're your response to our efforts. And I also hope that these projects open the door to more efforts in civic art and development. I hope that public art becomes a part of this community in a positive way, making visible some of the best things that this place has to offer.

Don Kennell

Nader Write-In

I feel it is important for all major presidential candidates to have a fair chance in the upcoming election. So, on behalf of the democratic process, I would like to inform the readers of this paper that due to the ballot access laws in this state, the one major presidential candidate that will not appear on the Wyoming Ballot on November 7th is Ralph Nader. Harry Browne (Libertarian), John Hagelin (Natural Law), Pat Buchanan (Reform) and Howard Philips (Independent) will appear on the ballot. Voters should know that in order to vote for Ralph Nader on November 7th, they will need to include the following information: Ralph Nader President, Winona LaDuke Vice President, Green Party. All of this information will need to be spelled correctly in order for the vote to count.

Ransom Sturdevant

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