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It's Big! The County Commissioners and Mary Lankford tour the Ag Center construction site Tuesday.
Goodman Denied Committee Seat

by Rob Shaul

In January, the Sublette County Commissioners denied Laurie Goodman a seat on the Sublette County Master Plan Revision Steering Committee because she was not a full-time county resident or registered voter in the county. On Tuesday, Ms. Goodman attended the commissioners' regular meeting held in Marbleton to plead her case.

Ms. Goodman began by telling the commissioners that since January, she had changed her voter registration to Sublette County. Laurie explained that her father had purchased the family's cabin in the Upper Green when she was just four years old, and that when she had moved back to Wyoming after working for former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson and the EPA, she had moved into the cabin. She currently lives in the Upper Green from June to November. Her cabin has no electricity and is not winter accessible. From December through May she lives and works in Jackson.

"My heart has always been with Sublette County," Ms. Goodman told the Commissioners. "My home is here. I'm interested in the future of Sublette County, not Teton County."

Back in January, and again on Tuesday, Commission Chairman Bill Cramer was in favor of appointing Ms. Goodman to the steering committee. Mr. Cramer reiterated to the rest of the board that any voter registration or residency requirements for steering committee memberships were not specified when ads were placed in the newspaper soliciting volunteers for the revision committees. He said that he had called Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Jim Bond of Bondurant and that Mr. Bond did not oppose Ms. Goodman's appointment.

Mr. Cramer continued, saying that the revision needed a member representing the Upper Green, and that he didn't want to discourage people who want to volunteer their time.

Gordon Johnston was unmoved. "I still have a hard time with part-time residents on it," he said, continuing that the residency requirement was a "splendid idea."

Betty Fear also did not waiver. "I do appreciate your qualifications," she told Ms. Goodman, "but people who plan our future need to be full-time residents."

Mr. Cramer again tried to sway his fellow board members. He told Ms. Fear and Mr. Johnston that he was comfortable Ms. Goodman had Sublette County interest at heart. He noted that Ms. Goodman had traveled to Marbleton to appear before the board, and he felt she had "demonstrated a willingness" to participate in the planning process. He added that Ms. Goodman would be just one vote on a 15-member committee.

However, the other two commissioners did not agree, and Mr. Cramer's motion to appoint Ms. Goodman to the steering committee died for lack of a second.

For her part, Ms. Goodman was upset. She told the commissioners that many of the Upper Green landowners were part-time residents. "We all pay taxes," she continued, "and we don't pay partial taxes." She argued that by cutting people out of the process the commission was "creating an outsider mentality."

New Patrol Cars - The commission instructed Under Sheriff Henry Schmidt to move forward on creating a bid package to replace 16 Sheriff's Department patrol cars. The total cost for the new vehicles is estimated at $450,000.

Historical Board Appointments - The Commission re-appointed Carrie Anderson, and appointed Kay Peterson, Cathleen Brown, and Nancy Penton Smith to the Sublette County Historical Board.

Commercial Use of the Old Library - Auctioneer Roger Anderson approached the Commission about holding auctions in the old Pinedale Librar. To this point the old library has been used for meetings and for non-profit fundraisers. The Commission told Mr. Anderson he could use the old library for a one-time trial and use fee of $100.

Ag Center Use Fees - Ag Center Committee members Lance Koppenhafer of Pinedale and Kent Keller of Big Piney approached the Commission for guidance on use fees for the Sublette County Ag Center after the facility opens in the spring. Mr. Johnston told the two men he felt any commercial event or activity held in the Ag Center should have to pay a fee for use of the building. Betty Fear cautioned that any fee system should not be so high that it scared away use of the building. The first goal, she told Messrs. Koppenhafer and Kent was to get the facility used. The commissioners also gave the Ag Center Committee permission to purchase panels, chutes, gates, and other infrastructure for the building. The Ag Center's first major activity, a cutting event, is scheduled for May 27, 28, and 29.

Road Kill - Garry Eiden Sr. told the commission that so far this winter the Wyoming Highway Department had dumped 120 road-kill deer at the Pinedale Transfer Station. Mike McGinnis guessed that there were another 20-30 dead animals on Sublette County roads and highways awaiting disposal.

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