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"Tannerton" is the name of the new town formed by the consolidation of Big Piney and Marbleton
Marbleton and Big Piney Consolidate
New town to be known as "Tannerton"
by Bobbi Wade

Monday in a joint meeting of the town councils of Big Piney and Marbleton, council members voted unanimously to merge the governments of both cities by the end of the summer. This unprecedented move was sparked by the recent cooperation between the towns in regard to the bike path, which will join the towns with two travel arteries instead of the one currently now available (Highway 189).

Community members attending the meeting were very vocal in their support of the idea and were allowed to make short comments. Garry Eiden, who has been very active in civil matters for many years, was so supportive that he agreed to donate land at the location of the Midway Mall for a new city hall, shop and park and to do all the excavation work for the project. He also stated that he would install a lunch counter in the Mall so employees of the new town wouldn't have to walk far for their coffee breaks orlunch break.

Discussion turned to town employees and if they might consider officially organizing as a union, since their employer would now be larger and they would probably have more difficulty getting along with centralized city government. Concern was raised by a consortium of hairdressers in Big Piney as to what effect a possible union organization of town employees would have on businesses in both towns, mainly how a strike would affect the water supply to their establishments. Both Big Piney Mayor Dick Holgate and Marbleton Mayor Jim Robinson confirmed that all current employees of both towns would be made an offer to remain in their positions. In the event of a union strike each would assert his mayoral powers to indenture Kurt Meeks and Rod Bennett to service the water needs of the new town. As an aside, Holgate and Robinson agreed to a public arm wrestling match to decide who would ascend to the new mayor's chair when the consolidation was completed.

A short disturbance broke out when the discussion of a new name for the town was broached. Rural Health Care Board members John Linn and Jim Greenwood, though not residents of either town, crashed the meeting when they heard at Mini Mart about the consolidation. Both voiced strong opinions that the town should be named Marbleton-Big Piney, so that there would not have to be any money spent by the SCRHCD for new invoices, stationery and the like for the clinic. Linn and Greenwood were shouted down quickly by a large force of members from the Senior Citizens' center, many of whom were carrying large handbags or walking canes. Deputies Bob Hanson and Dawn Hook quieted the crowd by handing out junior deputy badges to the audience and the meeting continued without further incident.

The meeting went well into the wee hours of the morning and when adjourned, the name for the new town came out as "Tannerton," which was decided by a show of hands of all present. "Tannerton" was nominated by the contingent of Bob Tanner, Helen Tanner, Kim Tanner, Bill Tanner, Kenda Tanner, Bill & Kenda's two small children, John Tanner, Shirley Tanner, Dick Tanner, Linda Tanner, Kenna Tanner and Ryan Tanner. The new name edged out "Big Marble", when many who were undecided were swayed by the argument that outsiders would possibly compare the "Big Apple" to the "Big Marble."

As its first official act as an interim council for "Tannerton" members voted to attend the monthly meeting of the LaBarge Town Council for observation on how to liven up monthly town meetings and increase participation by the residents. The council also decided to remove the "Icebox of the Nation" sign on the south end of city limits, as it may discourage new businesses and families from relocating here. In an unrelated action, the interim council also voted to extend the bike path to LaBarge. The next meeting of the "Tannerton" town council will be held on April Fool's Day.

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