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Pinedale is 2nd Costliest Place to Live in Wyoming
Only food prices are below statewide average
by Rob Shaul

Pinedale is the second most expensive place to live in Wyoming behind Jackson, according to a recently published report from the State Department of Administration and Information.

The report compiles cost of living figures from twenty-seven communities across the state for the fourth quarter, 1999. The price data was collected over three days in early January.

State economists surveyed the prices on over 140 items and lumped them into six categories, which were weighted according to their overall importance in the average consumer's budget. These categories and their respective weight components include Housing (44.5%), Transportation (17%), Food (15.4%), Recreations & Personal Care (10.8%), Apparel (6.2%), and Medical (5.7%).

Pinedale's prices were the second highest in the state in three of the six categories - Housing, Transportation, and Recreation & Personal Care.

Housing costs in Pinedale were found to be 109% of the statewide average. The survey found that rent for the average two to three bedroom house in Pinedale is $581/month. The statewide average is $530 per month. As a comparison, rent for the same house in Jackson cost $1,435 - nearly triple Pinedale's average. In Lusk, which had the cheapest housing costs in the state, the average rent for a 2-3 bedroom house is $300.

Pinedale is the fourth most expensive community in the Apparel category. Apparel in Pinedale was found to be 116% of the statewide average. Apparel costs in Buffalo, Worland and Jackson were found to be higher than Pinedale.

The only category in which Pinedale's costs were lower than the statewide average was food. Food costs in Pinedale are two percent below the statewide average.

Newcastle in Weston County was found to be the least expensive place to live in Wyoming. According to the figures, prices in Newcastle are just 90 percent of the statewide average.

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