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Rose Skinner
Three Running for Two Town Council Seats
Mayor Skinner running unopposed
by Jennifer Binning

Three people have filed to be placed on the ballot for the May 2 Town elections in Pinedale. Two Town Council seats are open, and incumbents Barbara Boyce and Bob Maxam are running for reelection. They are joined in the race K. Craig Margo.

Rose Skinner has also filed for re-election as Mayor, and is running unopposed. Last week, we asked all four candidates for their priorities, concerns, and thoughts about the future of Pinedale.

Mayor Rose Skinner

What are your highest priorities as Mayor/Councilperson?

I feel the highest priority is to continue the economic development in the area. We need to create more jobs that will keep our young people here. One area where we can do this is to encourage US West to bring in high-speed fiberoptic Internet access to Pinedale.

Bob Maxam
We also need to upgrade the infrastructure. We have good water, now we just need the sewer and waterlines to handle it.

What are your feelings about the medical clinic expansion and the EMT shortage?

The clinic remodel is a good idea if the people can support it, and I have only heard good things about our EMT's and the service.

What are your concerns with growth in Pinedale?

I would like to see slow, stable growth in Pinedale. If a town doesn't grow, it dies. Pinedale is a great place to live, but I don't think we will have a great influx of people any time soon because we are a bit inaccessible. The people who live here want to be here.

If money were not an object, what would you spend it on?

Upgrading the infrastructure.

K. Craig Margo
During a budget crunch, what item would you cut from the budget?

This council is very economic minded, and we do the best we can. Although no one wants to see it, we may have to cut some community service funding, such as the senior citizens center, the Fine Arts Council, etc. Those things we are not mandated to fund.

Pinedale is being promoted on the Internet, in magazine ads, and in newspapers. What aspects of Pinedale would you like to see advertised?

We need to stress quality tourism and Pinedale as a destination spot. I would like people to stay and learn about the area, the mountains and lakes, and really push year round tourism now that White Pine is up and running.

What is the best thing about Pinedale?

The people.

And the worst?

Barbara Boyce
It's hard to find anything bad. The isolation can be inconvenient, but I am not sure that is bad.

If a huge franchise, like McDonalds for instance, wanted to build a restaurant in Pinedale, how would you feel about it?

Any business that thinks it can make a go of it here, should make run at it. It is free enterprise. I would, and do, advise people to survey the market as a part of the process, however. As long as the building adheres to the planning and zoning ordinances in place, we really cannot dictate what businesses move here. I would just hope that it would be as tastefully done as possible.

Why are you running again?

I really was not planning to run again, but people have asked me to. I cannot commit one way or the other whether or not I will run again in two years. I really want more people to become involved in the town government.

Bob Maxam

What are your highest priorities?

The effective and responsible spending of tax dollars is my priority. This is the community's money. I would like to see continued infrastructure improvements, such as quality streets and improving existing water and sewer lines.

Clinic and EMT's?

The clinic expansion took me by surprise. I believe in quality health care and if the room is needed and justified, it should be done. The EMT's are doing a great job and it is unfortunate that this situation has arisen. If we can justify a paid position, then it should be looked at. Unfortunately, this is a natural progression of society, growing pains, if you will.

Growth concerns?

The infrastructure and how growth effects what is in place. We need to get ahead of the ballgame, because the de-earmarking of state funding is really going to hurt.

Money no object?

I would like to see better surface drainage in Pinedale, curbs and gutters, asphalt streets, and upgraded water and sewer distribution.

Budget cuts?

I would hate to see it, but the community services would be the first to be cut back, like the senior citizens center and the museum. We would have to look long and hard at some of the smaller groups, but that really accounts for a pretty small percentage of the budget. We would have to find ways to do a better job with the money we do have, perhaps going to a countywide animal control officer, for instance.

Promotion of Pinedale?

As the friendly, attractive community that we are. It is important to promote the many winter activities we have here, as well as the many summer opportunities.

Best of Pinedale?

The friendliness of the people. It is a small community and a great place to raise kids with a quality educational system.


The remoteness, perhaps, from medical and other services.

McDonalds in Pinedale?

Again, I feel this is a growing pain that we have to deal with. I would approach it with an open mind, as long as it is zoned properly and done well.

Why running?

I was appointed to serve out the remaining term of Richard Kape when he left town and I feel it is important to give back to the community. Would I run again? I don't know. I would have to weigh it out.

K. Craig Margo

Highest priorities?

I don't really have an agenda. I would like to see the town present a budget for citizen review prior to approval. I would also like to see more citizen input in the town council and better communication with the citizens of the town. If the communication is not there it is the council's fault.

Medical clinic and EMT's?

The docs are the best people to make that decision, and if they feel they need it, then go ahead. I have not heard anything negative about the EMT's, and they have always responded very quickly whenever they have been called.

Growth concerns?

I hate to see uncontrolled growth. Somewhere there needs to be some rules to follow.

Money no object?

Infrastructure and kids. We need to have more constructive things for the kids to do that does not involve alcohol.

Budget cuts?

If we were looking at a severe budget crunch, it would have to be the social services funding that would have to be cut back, such as the counseling service, and the dog race. The concrete things like the streets and water and sewer must be kept going.

Pinedale Promotion?

The recreational opportunities in Pinedale should be emphasized, because business will follow. It is amazing that we have a facility like White Pine in a town of one thousand people. It is wonderful.

Best of Pinedale?

The people. I was welcomed here from the get go. Literally, I felt welcomed at my interview. The people work well together here, and when someone is in need, everyone is quick to lend a hand.

Worst of Pinedale?

I don't think there is a worst.

McDonalds in Pinedale?

I am all for any business, but I think the town has the right and the responsibility to make sure the rules are obeyed.

Why running?

I was appointed to the Pinedale Planning and Zoning committee last year and I feel very strongly that every citizen has the responsibility to take part in government at some point in their lives.

Barbara Boyce

Highest priorities?

The budget is my biggest concern. Next year there will be big cut backs, and we need to get as much done this year as we can, due to the de-earmarking of funds at the state level. I just want things to continue to go along smoothly.

Medical clinic and EMT's?

It is a bit crowded at the clinic, and maybe they can change some things around a bit up there. The EMT service is running well now, and I don't feel there should be a paid position. It should be left as it is. There are plenty of people involved.

Growth concerns?

We have got to make sure we don't let things get too zoned. Normal people should be able to live here and prosper, not just the elite. We need to be careful that we don't make the zoning so strict that it costs too much to live here. It can happen.

Money no object?

We should pave all the streets. That is my biggest concern right now.

Budget cuts?

We will have to cut everybody back. When push comes to shove, you need to do what is important. I would hate to see it, but that includes the Chamber of Commerce, Museum and other social services. I also feel we pay way too much for police protection and I would like to see that change. The three towns need to pull together and talk to the County Commissioners about that.

Best of Pinedale?

The friendliness and aesthetics. Pinedale is a great place. We have it all.

Worst of Pinedale?

Pinedale is growing so fast you don't know everybody anymore. I would like it to stay just like we are.

Pinedale McDonalds?

I am a firm believer that if it is your money, you should spend it as you want. We have no right to tell them they can't come. If they want to be a part of our community, they should.

Why running?

I was not going to run again, but I had some people ask me to run again. I guess they thought I had done a good job. This will be my last term though. I want to retire.

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