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Volume 4, Number 37 - 5/11/00
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Dead Mountain Lion Found Near Little Soda

by Jennifer Binning

Last Tuesday, Game Warden Dennis Almquist accompanied Mike Cothern up to Little Soda Lake, where Mr. Cothern had spotted the body of a dead mountain lion.

Mr. Almquist estimates the dead lion to be a sub-adult male that was killed by another lion.

"I am 100% sure this lion was killed by a larger lion, because it had very visible bite marks to the top of its head, and this is a characteristic way for a lion to kill; a bite to the head."

The lion that was removed from Pinedale several months ago also had scars from a fight on the top of its head, but it survived that altercation.

Apparently the lion had been killed some time ago, as Mr. Almquist described the body as "a putrid, stinking mess".

The Game and Fish are holding the skull of the animal for further testing.

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