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Park Gazebo Still Causing Problems
Town council grants variance for Nocora
by Jennifer Binning

Last Monday's Town Council meeting was briefly interrupted when the council members excused themselves in order to conduct some legal business with Town Attorney Ed Wood. When they emerged from the meeting, Mayor Skinner said the meeting concerned discussions about the American Legion Park gazebo built by the Town last summer.

For several months now, there has been a dispute between the Town Council and contractor Bob Carmean about whether or not the gazebo was built per the towns specifications. The Town has questions about the roof, support columns, concrete slab and a black overspray that was applied to the metal brackets. Mr. Carmean has previously told the Journal that the work was done properly.

Councilman Jeff Reising stated that the council believes that claims made in a letter from Mr. Carmean and addressed to Mr. Wood was "not supported by the facts." Mr. Reising then said he would like to demand that Carmean Construction fix the pitch of the roof on the pavilion, stain the support columns, smooth the joints in the concrete pad and remove a black overspray that was applied to metal brackets. Mr. Reising made a motion to withhold the remaining funds for the building project from Mr. Carmean against the cost of reconstruction of the pavilion if Carmean Construction does not meet the demands of the Town Council. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jeff Goltz appeared before the Council to answer questions about his variance request for 131 south Jackson. Mr. Goltz is expanding his business, Nocora, and while keeping a storefront on Pine Street, he is moving the manufacturing portion into the old Learning Center building across from the KOA. While researching the Town ordinances, he noticed that Nocora didn't fall neatly into any commercial category, thus he asked for a variance. After answering some questions about the traffic Nocora employees may produce, Mr. Goltz was granted the variance.

The Town Council suggested to the Chamber of Commerce that it apply for a variance to use the area directly behind the Chamber Hut as a Mountain Man Campground during Rendezvous. The County owns the land, and if the Commissioners approve the use of the property, the Chamber would approach the Town with a variance.

George Funk, who has been working on the Pacific Power electrical rate parity issue, asked the Town Council to consider earmarking about $5,000 for a future electrical rate intervention that may be filed by the city of Evanston when Pacific Power applies for the next rate increase.

Thus far, Mr. Funk has spent roughly $2,500 of his own money arguing the rate case, and is currently keeping tabs on a possible $1.8 million credit that he feels Pacific Power owes customers in Western Wyoming.

"You may never have to spend this money," said Mr. Funk about the funds he is asking the Town to set aside, but "I know we can win this, but we need to keep after it. If you knew as much about this as I do, it would make your blood boil."

Next, the Learning Center requested $1,500 from the Town Council in order to provide in-home services for children birth through 3 tears old, as is now required by the State. This is a decrease of $2,000 from their request last year.

Greg Ptasnik, the Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Chamber of Commerce asked the Town to consider giving the Chamber $5,000 in order to improve their brochures and other publications showcasing Pinedale and Sublette County.

The Pinedale Airport Board, represented by Lil Penton, submitted a request to the Town Council that was $1,240 more than last year's budget, as their insurance premiums had increased by that amount. They also asked for an additional $5,000 that the Town had promised them last year, but somehow the "money got lost" according to Town Clerk Patty Racich. Ms. Penton said that the airport resurfacing project would begin as soon as possible, with the runway being out of commission around Labor Day.

Finally, Ordinance number 342, the annual budget for 2000-2001 was approved on the first reading.

The next Town Council meeting will be held June 12, at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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