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Survey Says Anglers Cast $492 Million to Wyoming Economy

CHEYENNE - Anglers cast $492 million into the Wyoming economy in 1998, led by $308 million from residents a recently compiled survey revealed.

The telephone survey, commissioned by the Game and Fish Department, found that out-of-state anglers with annual licenses spend the most per fishing trip at $463 per outing; and home-state anglers holding year-long licenses, at $2,847, dole out the most per season.

"This survey confirms fishing has a gigantic economic impact in Wyoming," said Chris Burkett, G&F planning coordinator. "Anglers are a great economic force in Wyoming."

Burkett oversees the periodic surveys G&F conducts to gauge the expenditures and attitudes of hunters and anglers. The results are used to guide G&F policy and regulation.

Six angler license groups were surveyed: annual, youth annual and daily for both residents and nonresidents. Between 800 and 1,400 anglers in each group were telephoned by Responsive Management of Harrisonburg, Va., a company that specializes in natural resource surveys.

The randomly selected anglers were asked what they spent on lodging, restaurants, groceries, gas, vehicle repairs, guides, access fees, campground fees/permits, entertainment, souvenirs and equipment.

Resident annual licensees were the greatest contributors at $269 million, followed by nonresident daily $170 million, resident daily $26 million, nonresident annual $14 million, resident youth $11 million and nonresident youth $818,000.

Anglers were also asked a few other questions relating to Wyoming fishing. Sixty percent of respondents said hunting and fishing licenses should also be used for wildlife watching and nongame programs.

"That shows anglers generally have a comprehensive interest in all wildlife," said Mike Stone, G&F fisheries chief.

Nearly 90 percent of anglers felt Wyoming license prices were fair and the license system was equitable.

During their 1998 fishing trips, 76 percent of anglers also intentionally watched wildlife, 71 percent enjoyed general sightseeing, 68 percent camped or backpacked, 44 percent visited state parks or historic sites and 24 percent enjoyed ATVs or off-road driving.

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