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Public Radio Update
Pinedale's public radio signal interferred with the Sheriff's radios
by Rob Shaul

Pinedale's translator for Wyoming Public Radio was switched on last Friday then quickly switched off because the radio signal was interfering with the Sheriff Department's communication system.

According to Sublette Communication's Jeff Alexander, who is contracting with Wyoming Public Radio to install the translator, the proximity of the antennas for the radio translator and the Sheriff Department's communication system is the cause of the interference. Both antennas are located on property Sublette Communications leases from the BLM on the Mesa's Mount Airy.

According to Bob Sutherland, the SCSO's Dispatch Supervisor, the radio signal could be heard in the background of the Sheriff Department's communication system. The department contacted Mr. Alexander, and the radio signal was quickly turned off.

Mr. Alexander says the problem is "definitely solvable." It's just a case of figuring out which filtering device filter's out the radio signal from the Sheriff Department's.

Chris Heck, Coordinator of Radio Engineering for Wyoming Public Radio, said this was the first time a signal interference problem has come up with public radio translators in the state. Yesterday (Wednesday), WPR sent a team of engineers to Pinedale to work with Mr. Alexander to fix the problem. However, Mr. Heck would not give a timeline or guess at a date when the signal will be back online.

When the problem is solved, WPR will be able to be heard in Pinedale and Sublette County on the FM dial at 90.9.

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