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Town Council Meeting Short and Sweet
Park gazebo still a problem
by Jennifer Binning

The July Pinedale Town Council Meeting held on Monday night started out on a high note. Mayor Skinner told the Council that the land and water development program may be opening up again for grant requests. This would allow the Town the possibility to defray some of the cost of installing new bathrooms at the town park, but the application deadline is August 18. With a little prodding, Councilman Bob Maxam took the bull by the horns and will begin working on a design for the building.

Ron Brown reported that all was well with the baseball fields, and people were keeping the litter to a minimum. Issues dealing with keys to the restrooms, and the lighting therein, had been ironed out and the weekend ballgames went off without a hitch, said Mr. Brown.

Sheriff Hank Ruland reported that Rendezvous went well, with 4 citations being issued after a single fight early Sunday morning. Mr. Ruland noted that there had been three car thefts in the past week, with most of the cars being left in the driveway with a key in the ignition. The Council requested increased patrols on south Madison, since the improvement of the road seems to have encouraged speeding.

Mickey LaVoie requested and was granted a water hook up on Orcutt Hill, and the Lion's Club received permission, and a 24 hour malt beverage and catering license, to host a "feed and rehydration" stop for the Governors Bike Tour in the American Legion Park, with the Council agreeing to waive the traditional use fee.

Next, Pinedale Entertainment Partners asked for a height variance of three feet for the movie theater now under construction. The Council voted unanimously to grant the variance.

The American Legion Park Gazebo project is still causing problems, as Carmean Construction has not offered a settlement that is acceptable to the Council. Councilman Jeff Reising said he just wants to "have this thing done with," and moved to accept he Carmean's proposal to stain the columns, fix the floor and remove some black overspray. In return, the Town would keep the money that it is holding until the job is finished. After some discussion, the Council voted unanimously to reject Reising's motion, and to continue to pursue other options in order to get the gazebo fixed.

As the deadline for work to begin on the Dean Geological site below Orcutt Hill nears, Jeff Reising suggested the town begin proceedings to annex the area in order to make contiguous the Town's boundary. If improvements are not made to the site soon, the County has the option to take the parcel back, and the Dean family may request the gift be returned as well. The Council agreed to begin with improvements to the Dean site, and look into annexing it into the Town.

Finally, Councilman Maxam requested that Town Attorney Ed Wood begin to revise the sidewalk ordinance, in order to make it illegal to use skateboards and in-line skates on the sidewalk, just as bicycles are now prohibited. The Council agreed, and after paying the monthly bills the meeting was adjourned. There will be a work session next Monday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the state of the Town's infrastructure.

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