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So Many Topics, So Little Space ...

This week there were so many interesting topics in Sublette County to consider for this column, I just couldn't decide on one.

It's A Race!

I predict there will be a real race for State House of Representatives District 20 seat between incumbent Louis Tomassi and challenger Monte Olsen. The constituents of the district need to ask some hard questions of both of these candidates this time around, concerning revenue and taxation, health care and insurance, regulations on business and industry, broadening the economic base and of course, education and the cost of it. With any luck at all, the "personality and pettiness" aspect of political campaigns has already been heard (from Mr. Tomassi at least) and the two can get down to talking about what people really care about and need representation for at the state level of government. There are always concerns in my mind that a multi-term incumbent may not be as responsive and in-tune with the constituency as he or she should be. I also have reservations about a challenger who lives here, but spends most of his or her time working in a community that is more like another country than part of Wyoming. Hopefully both candidates will thoroughly address these questions and all others during the campaign. By the way gentlemen, how do we reach you by e-mail, especially after you are elected?

Great Volunteers!

From my observations, it seems that Sublette County harbors one of the greatest volunteer forces in America. Though I didn't take in all the activities from July 4 through this last weekend, what I saw was truly wonderful. The Chuckwagon Days Parade in Big Piney was one of the best in years, with participation up and creativity at its apex in the float designs. The barbecue was one of the largest attended in recent memory and even a little rain was not enough to put a halt to the rodeo. And the fireworks . . .

Same goes for Rendezvous. Though we were working in Pinedale over the weekend, I sneaked down to catch some of the parade and the crowd was enthusiastic, yet calm. The pageant participants brought up the end of a string of great floats and horse entries from all over the county. All I heard was positive about all the activities surrounding the Rendezvous. Anyone who did anything to help produce either of these events deserves more credit than any individual could possibly bestow on them. The Sheriff's Department should be especially commended for taking care of the many logistics to keep traffic moving and detoured and for doing a great PR job with the tourists.

Girl Scout camp was also going on at Middle Piney this past weekend and my resident campers had a great time. Special thanks to all the leaders, parents and people who care about these girls enough to forego the comforts of home for the benefit of these young ladies.

You won't find better volunteers anywhere than in Sublette County.

Sour Grapes

Finally, I just have to say that I am disappointed that the Pinedale Roundup published a "sour grapes" editorial after the Journal was given the contract for the county legal notices. I read both papers every week and though I write for this one, I find much value in reading the Roundup. The "mug shots" of the Commissioners, while informative, were very tacky in the format presented and unless or until the Journal proves it isn't, the "accuracy, accountability and responsibility" issue doesn't come into play, no matter how well-done the notices were by the Roundup.

The cost was and very much should be a consideration on any purchase a government entity makes and the Commissioners made a decision based on cost, which was the only criteria they could use at this stage between the two papers. They wisely are giving the Journal a six-month trial run and will reevaluate how well the contract was carried out at the end of the trial period. If the Journal didn't have a wide-enough circulation in Sublette County before, the fact that it is now publishing the legals, and the whining by the Roundup, will probably change that.

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