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Volume 4, Number 6 - 10/7/99
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Deptuy Winer's Report

by Sheriff Deputy Kenneth Winer

Deputy Kenneth Winer's Narrative of the

Dale Jay Dugan Cultivation of Marijuana Case

1. Description of the offense: Cultivation of Marijuana (presumptive)

2. Type of narcotic; street value: marijuana, value unknown.

3. Witness observations: While searching the home for possible suspects that were involved in a fight at the Corral Bar, I noticed a green leafy plant that appeared to be marijuana. The plant was growing in a brownish red pot that was sitting in the bathtub located in the southeast portion of the house.

4. Additional information: On September 4th approximately 2220 hrs, I was at 357 Washington, the home of Jay Dugan, looking for a suspect that was involved in a fight at the Corral Bar. I had received information from witnesses at the Corral Bar that the suspects were staying at Jay's residence. Sgt Bardin made contact with Jay who came outside to talk with him. Sgt Bardin asked if anyone else was in the house and Jay stated just one person who was asleep, and that had been there for some time. This person was identified as David, and who was not involved in the fight. Sgt. Bardin cleared from the residence to look around the neighborhood for the subject that was involved in the fight. Witnesses at the bar identified Darryl Call as the suspect and I asked Jay if Darryl was in the house. Jay had told us that no one other than David was in the house. When I asked if Darryl was in the house Jay opened the door and yelled for Darryl to come out.

I asked Jay if I could look inside his home for any more people that may have been involved in the fight. I also told Jay that because he had not told us the truth about Darryl being in the house when first asked he could be charged with interference. At this time, Jay invited me into his home and showed me through all the rooms. When we entered the bathroom located in the southeast portion of the house I noticed that the shower curtain was pulled shut. I pulled the curtain open to see if someone may be hiding in the tub. When I pulled the curtain open I noticed a green leafy plant that appeared to be marijuana sitting in the tub. The plant was in a brownish red pot.

Jay was asked about the plant, and he state that it was his. Jay stated that he had never grown one before and wanted to try it.

Jay was arrested for cultivation of marijuana. Jay was handcuffed. A tightness check and double lock were preformed. Jay was searched and transported to the Sublette Co. Jail for booking.

Jay was issued citation #844628 into Judge Crow's court, with a court date of September 23, 1999.

I took three pictures of the plant in its brownish red pot. I pulled the plant out of its pot and weighed it. The plant and the brownish red pot it was in were logged in as evidence. I put the evidence in locker #3.

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