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Pinedale Mountain Lion Spotted Sunday Morning
Cat spotted behind B&B Yamaha: Sheriff's Deputies and G&F unable to track it down.
by Rob Shaul

The mountain lion patrolling Pinedale was spotted again early Sunday Morning. Sheriff Deputies received word at approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning that the mountain lion was outside the Licking residence on Canal Street. This is the area behind B&B Yamaha and the ZZZ Inn.

Ms. Licking stopped and told Deputy Paul Raftery that her son called and told her there was a lion outside their residence. She said the cat had been underneath her porch and this was the third night in a row the lion had visited her residence.

Deputy Raftery responded and met with Ms. Licking's son, who told him he thought he saw the mountain lion on the south side of the house. The son said his dog was acting funny and he was unable to call it into the house because the cat was under the porch.

The Lickings' neighbor, Mr. Dorman, then came over and told the Deputy that he'd been out looking for the lion, which had gotten into a fight with his dog. The dog was not cut, but had a limp.

Deputy Whinnery joined Deputy Raftery and both searched the area. Game Warden Dennis Almquist and G&F biologist Doug McWhirter were called in and also searched the area. Neither the cat, nor his tracks were found.

The Lickings felt the lion is traveling along the Lee Irrigation Ditch behind their house. This is certainly possible, says Pinedale Animal Control Officer Julie Early, who spotlighted for the cat Monday night with no success. Julie's received several calls from Pinedale residents who report their house cats have been missing 2-3 days. She's advising cat owners not to let their pets out at night.

Kathy Almquist of Pinedale also had a chilling mountain lion experience Saturday night. Kathy, who lives on Lake Road, just below Orcutt Hill, was outside late Saturday night when she noticed the deer in the area acting extremely agitated. Next, Kathy heard the mountain lion scream. She said it's one of the most terrifying things she's ever heard.

Finally, we've heard several rumors that students at the Pinedale Elementary School spotted the lion near the playground. Pinedale Elementary Principal Pat Morgan reports that some students thought they saw the animal, but after being debriefed by Kyle Walker, the school is pretty sure the children didn't see the big cat, based on the descriptions they gave to Mr. Walker.

Jennifer Binning contributed to this story.

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