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Volume 5, Number 13 - 11/22/00
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A Good Life?
The County Drift
by Rob Shaul

Have I led a good life? Are my priorities right? Am I a good person?

All are tough, penetrating questions, with no room for acting, or good intentions, or superficial answers.

Mary Lankford challenges us to take responsibility for our own lives, and through hard work and hard play, mold them into good lives.

Nellie Steele warns that cowardice will ruin our lives. We must have the courage to take risks and overcome obstacles if we are to live good lives, she writes.

For Tom Heydt, a good life is God and Family. And he regrets it took him so long to see what was right before him.

Similarly, Mary Thompson urges us to seek the Divine. And she goes further by writing that there is a good life in simple forgiveness.

It's not material things, that's for sure writes Max Lunberg. It's the people in your life that make it good.

But you gotta slow down to see it, adds Gary Neely, who shares his own experience in learning this life-changing lesson.

Thank you Mary, Nellie, Tom, Mary, Max and Gary. Thank you for your wisdom, your time, and the courage it took to share your answers to my very tough question. You've caused me to examine my own life, and my own priorities. Because of your efforts, this issue of the Journal is one I'm very proud of.

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