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Bounty Hunter Picks Up Missouri Fugitive in Marbleton

by Rob Shaul

A bounty hunter captured a Missouri fugitive in Marbleton last Monday afternoon.

Details are sketchy, but according to Sublette County Sheriff's detective Rocky Shaver, the bounty hunter was also from Missouri. The fugitive had skipped bail on a vehicular homicide charge back in the "Show Me" state.

Detective Shaver said the Sheriff's department had no idea the fugitive was in Marbleton, and was notified by the bounty hunter that he was looking for the fugitive in Sublette County "just hours before" he went to pick up the man at a home in Marbleton. The Sheriff's department had no legal papers on the fugitive, no warrant and no jurisdiction, said Mr. Shaver. The Department did dispatch a deputy, however, to act as a backup for the bounty hunter.

However, the fugitive was not at the home when the bounty hunter and deputy arrived. The Sheriff's department later learned that the bounty hunter did catch the fugitive sometime Monday afternoon, and the two are on their way back to Missouri.

Mr. Shaver reiterated that the Sheriff's Department did not have any legal papers or a warrant for the fugitive. He did not know the fugitive's name, or what town he was from back in Missouri. <

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