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Praise for PFAC

I missed the performance of the Puerto Rican Ballet Troupe Monday night, and the ladies who work in my office made me regret it dearly.

Jennifer Binning came back to the office Monday morning oohhing and aahhing after shooting pictures at the dancers' rehearsal and performance for the school kids.

Tuesday morning, Sue Sommers arrived at the office aglow with praise for the dancers, their Latin rhythms and Latin-esque ballet moves.

Work kept me from seeing the dancers, but it won't keep me from praising the Pinedale Fine Arts Council for bringing yet another wonderful cultural event to small Pinedale, Wyoming.

We don't know how lucky we are.

The Pinedale Fine Arts Council was founded by Arlinda McLaughlin and Jo Crandall almost thirty years ago, and has done some extraordinary work in our community over the years.

Importantly, the performances that PFAC brings to Sublette County aren't only entertainment. They have immense educational value.

Many people don't realize that when PFAC brings artists to Sublette County for a performance, the artists are often required to put on educational workshops in our schools. So, not only do many kids benefit from the performances themselves, but they often get focused cultural instruction also.

And kids aren't the only ones who learn something. The Fine Arts Council also sponsors Native American Historian and lecturer Michael Terry during Rendezvous weekend. I attended one of Mr. Terry's standing-room only presentations last summer and came away very impressed. Mr. Terry is an extraordinary educational resource for students of all ages, and he's made possible here in Sublette County by PFAC.

Thank you Arlinda and Jo, for your vision and passion that has made the Pinedale Fine Arts Council an institution in Sublette County. And thank you to all the current PFAC board members and volunteers who continue to bring culture and educational opportunity to Pinedale and Sublette County.

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