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A Salute to Garry & Trena

I've wanted to do a story on a couple who's adopted for quite a while. When you start asking around, it's amazing how many families there are in Sublette County who have adopted children. Trena Eiden was the first parent I called to ask to do a story, and while I knew she and Garry had adopted together, I had no idea they have adopted five children.

What an incredible story and what a courageous and openhearted couple and family. Many people talk about helping others, especially children. Garry and Trena have followed through, big time. Thank you, Garry and Trena, for being so generous and inspirational.

Thank you also, Helena Linn, for your great story on the Eiden family. Helena's penetrating story demonstrates the type of journalism we strive for in the pages of the Sublette County Journal. People like the Eidens make Sublette County someplace special. I hope writers like Helena make the pages of the Journal something special too.

New Industrial Site

Thank you, Eric Fairbanks, for your proposal to create an industrial site development along highway 191. Many people have clamored for more industrial property in the north end of the county, especially to serve the natural gas fields. I thought the County Commissioners would have to purchase property to fulfill this need. I'm glad private enterprise is addressing the problem. I wish Mr. Fairbanks the best of luck.

Disappointed in Bush

I've been very disappointed in George W. Bush's performances in the three Presidential Debates with Gore. Mr. Bush has not been articulate or inspiring. His performance this Tuesday was the worst yet. I'm going to vote for Mr. Bush, primarily because I like his tax cut. But there's not much else to be enthusiastic about. I find it hard to believe he's still so close in the polls. If I had to bet right now, I'd bet Gore would win, easily.

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